About Us

14 Days to Close is a referral marketing program for financing and Realtor agents founded by Jordan Vreeland. With his expertise in real estate and the mortgage business for 17 years, he has developed the success mentality of knowing how to get the best deal possible. Our specialty is the ability to get you Pre-Qualified in a matter of minutes and set you up with a top rated Real Estate Agent in the area to find you the home of your dreams. Once you’ve picked out your home, our team can finalize a loan, completing¬†in just about 14 days. The knowledgeable team of 14 Days to Close consist of Loan Officers that are available 24/7 and diligent Loan Processors that will meticulously provide detailed and accurate documentation. ¬†We will do all we can to match or beat your best offer. 14 Days to Close will be there for every step of the process to make your home-buying or refinancing a care-free experience.